We are passionate about your hearing - Auckland

"There is nothing better than seeing the change in people once they can hear again.  They are able to engage in easy conversations, become more confident (as they are sure what was said - the first time) and begin to fully participate in their own life. They come back to the clinic and are visibly more relaxed and laugh and smile easily. Life just becomes more interesting for them. It is a gift to be part of this change."      

Maree O'Sullivan (Audiologist)

Premium Hearing Care

We will spend the time assessing your hearing and your hearing needs. Each appointment will be followed by an email outlining the results from the appointment and the next steps to take. This keeps you and your family fully informed and is a unique service by Auckland Hearing.

Best Value Hearing Aids in Auckland

We are able to offer the best value hearing aids in Auckland as we are a small company with lower overheads.

Care in relaxed surroundings

Our clinic is situated on a quiet relaxed street in Ellerslie away from the hustle and bustle.  You can easily park on the street and after the appointment you may choose to  have a coffee in the organic cafe next door. 

Max RossAuckland Central
I first contacted Maree for a hearing check about six years ago, after a rather disappointing experience with a different audiology company. But I found her to be much more helpful and went with her advice on which hearing aids would suit my particular needs. Her diagnostic evaluation was spot-on and the results were actually better than I had anticipated. I only wish I had contacted her earlier.

List of Auckland Ear Nurses


Please note: We do not do wax removal at Auckland Hearing, we are an Audiology clinic.

The list of ear nurse clinics is for your information.


Follow this link - then please scroll down the page to find your closest ear nurse and contact the ear nurse directly.